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Hospice Care Services

Physician Services

Hospice Physicians work in cooperation with your personal Physician to focus on promoting freedom from pain and undesirable symptoms to enable you to enjoy time with your family.

Nursing Services

Nursing Care is available 24 hours a day and will ensure that your care is coordinated not only to meet your physical needs but your emotional and spiritual needs.

Social Worker

Your Social Worker will focus on helping you and your family cope with the mental, emotional, practical, and financial concerns that accompany terminal illness.

Spiritual Care

Non-Denominational Spiritual care according to your belief system and/or your desire will coordinate care with your personal clergy to support your spirit, your way.

Hospice Aide/Homemaker Services

Our Hospice Aides are certified and specially trained to provide you with personal care and household assistance to promote your comfort and sense of security.

Hospice Volunteer Services

Our dedicated volunteers are eager and available to provide additional support services such as companionship, running errands/shopping, yard work, and meals for you and your family.

Prescriptions and Medical Equipment

We provide you with prescriptions, equipment, and supplies needed for managing your terminal illness and related conditions and we never charge a co-pay to Medicare patients.

Palliative Care

Pain management through medications, range of motion, aromatherapy, massage therapy, and other techniques.

Administering Medications

as prescribed by a physician.

Personal Care for the Patient

in a manner that respects the individual's dignity. The hospice aide may teach family and caregivers how to provide care, such as how to turn a person who is bedridden or how to feed the patient.

Assistance with Resources

Our social worker will help with aspects like, financial assistance, funeral arrangement preparation, and healthcare power of attorney forms.

Spiritual Support

Our Chaplain and spiritual volunteers are here to help you through the spiritual issues that come with a terminal issues and any other spiritual crisis that may arise.


Staff and volunteers are ready to spend time with our patients reading a book aloud, playing cards, talking together or simply sitting with the patient.


Members of our team are trained to provide support to those grieving a loss. We are here to support the patient and family during the dying process, help to develop coping abilities, strengthen family support systems, and provide educational materials and counseling after the loss of a loved one. ‚Äč

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